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Three amazing bottles a month, with free delivery. What's not to like?

Have you ever signed up for a wine club and been underwhelmed?

I have. It was a famous mail-order wine club that really got me into wine when I was at university, but I soon tired of the monotonous styles, lack of variety and genuine stories, and I eventually realised it wasn't the great 'value' those glossy offers claimed.

Pip's Wine Club is a simple solution to all of this. Here's what it is.

  • Just 3 bottles a month. That's it. Three bottles. Less than one per week. It's not a big commitment, no risk of getting a massive case of wines you don't like, and we can consistently offer you far better variety. Less really is more.
  • A journey in wine. We'll mix up the tried & tested with the excitingly adventurous and take you on a journey with each case, taking in history, culture, language, cuisine and most importantly the people behind the wines. Not a long journey, don't worry - we're all busy people! - but just long enough. And it's to inform and inspire, not educate in the strict sense.
  • Intrigue guaranteed. Our aim is for each and every bottle to stop you in your tracks. Wine, like so much in life, should never be boring.

What our little wine club isn't necessarily trying to do is replace your 'house wines'. We believe we have a great selection of those kinds of wines too of course, but the wines are selected to bring an extra spark to the dinner table, just three times a month.

Of course, you might want plenty more sparks so come and find us! For the time being, three seems a jolly good start.

How your subscription works

  1. Add a box to your basket above and complete checkout as normal. If you order before the 10th of the month you will be included in that month's subscription. (We might be able to include you if you order after the 10th, stock permitting, but please check with us first!)
  2. Your club box will be delivered on the Wednesday closest to the 15th of the month (and if for any reason we have to change that we'll give you good notice).
  3. Every month you will receive a payment notification to complete and confirm that month's order. You can skip a month or just cancel at any time.