Pip's Story

Pip is an independent wine merchant created in November 2020 - a local wine shop, by locals, for locals - with around 200 wines on the shelves, a well-selected range of craft beers, local cider and local spirits.

We're also proud to offer a distinctive range of quality alcohol-free craft beers and other soft drinks, plus some delectable but healthy snacks to fuel your hiking along the nearby North Downs Way.


How we choose our wines

Most importantly, we like drinking them! We have a broad range of styles from around the world - especially lesser-known regions - but what you see reflects our tastes. We're also expert match makers! Whether it's wines from the classic regions or more off-the-beaten track, we're confident that we'll be able to suggest a great match for you.

Going deeper, our philosophy is all about working with brilliant people who like us believe the best wine starts with good, honest farming.

These are wines that are delicious for sure, but we think wines really come alive when you understand their context. There are stories behind the bottles that are crying out to be told and we are here to tell them. This is what really excites us.

We really hope to see you at Pip of Manor Farm soon and share some of that excitement with you too.


Who is 'Pip'? 


Not me! Pip isn't an actual person, but if the shop were a person, we think they'd be a Pip sort of person.

My name is Nik and in 2012, I created a small wine importer that grew quickly to become a slightly bigger small importer and was named the third best supplier to the UK restaurant trade in 2019.

I live a short walk away from the shop and always thought this would be a superb spot for a small specialist wine merchant. It is though intended to be more than just a place to buy wine (and a bit of beer, spirits and other things besides). Pip is also about storytelling and creating new experiences.

Come in and see what we do. You will get closer to winemakers and the places where the wines are made, and in doing so make every bottle that bit more special.