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Virtual tasting FAQs

Do you get notes about the wines too?

Yes, we include all the vitals about the wines we'll be tasting and where applicable lovely person who made them. We will also advise on what snacks to have alongside, what songs to play in the background, the winemaker's favourite football team and any other essential details.

How long will the wines last?

Not very long, which is why we aim to deliver to you on the day of the event. The little bottles are filled to the brim but they aren't sealed with any inert gases and so oxidation will begin to occur. They should however be fine for a couple of days if you put them in the fridge.

What if something comes up and I can't join in live?

Please don't worry, the wines should keep for a couple of days and we record all the events so if you have to pull out at the last minute then we will be able to send you access to the recorded tasting.

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