| Nik Darlington

Syrah or Shiraz? What’s in a name when the wine’s this good?

Syrah or Shiraz? A grape by any other name would taste as sweet... 🥱

We don’t mind much whether it’s called Syrah or Shiraz these days. The origins of the Australian term are a bit mythical anyway.

Above all, we are very proud of our Australian range and believe it is the best in the business.

The best Aussie Shiraz isn’t necessarily made in the blockbuster fashion of old. Cooler sites, different techniques, changing tastes, call it what you will, Aussie Shiraz is still serving up some of the best reds on the planet.

If you see “Syrah” on the label, the winemaker might be dropping a hint that this is going to be made in a more restrained, digestible style - but there are plenty of Shiraz examples that are made like that too.

Come to Pip though and rest assured that all of our Australian Syrahs / Shirazes are going to rock your boat, whatever they’re called!


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