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Wine's chequered past and present in Turkey

Nik DarlingtonJune 21, 2021

There are some excellent wines being made from international varieties in Turkey. Indeed, Pasaeli’s K2 has been rated one of the world’s best Bordeaux blends by Decanter. Yet it is on the back of wines like Seyit's Sidalan, or 6N red, that the modern Turkish wine industry’s reputation must be built.

The Art of Blending

Nik DarlingtonJune 17, 2021

I am sometimes asked what makes for a better wine, a single variety or a blend of varieties? The straightforward answer is neither. The more complicated answer is that most wines are already blends, even if you only see one grape name on the label. This is because even your...

The Blood of Jupiter: going to the roots of Italy's most famous wine grape

Nik DarlingtonMay 24, 2021

Wartime punctuates so many of the great wine regions of Europe, and indeed the world. The Second World War got in the way of many a winemaker, typically because they themselves were called up to fight. Sometimes their property was commandeered by enemy forces, and this was the fate of Tenuta Pandolfa astride the Rabbi river in Predappio, Emilia-Romagna.

The fort that Jack quit, or the only escape from Gavi in 800 years

Nik DarlingtonMay 17, 2021

You’ve never heard of Cortese but heard plenty about Gavi (or indeed Gavi di Gavi)? Don’t worry, I had also known what Gavi was long before the name of the grape that makes it. This is the way of things in many European wine regions. Cortese is to Gavi what Tempranillo is to Rioja or Nebbiolo to Barolo or Chardonnay to Chablis.